Agricola Corona Cup 2020


  • 6 initial rounds (“group stage”): each player will play 3 games at Boiteajeux , and 3 games at Play-Agricola (any order).
  • There will be two final rounds, in which players face the same players twice in succession: 1 game at Boiteajeux, and 1 at Play-Agricola (any order).
  • Players are allocated to their tables for the final rounds based on cumulative Tournament Points (TPs) gained during the initial 6 games.
  • Tournament points (TPs) are awarded based on the position in each game:
    • 10, 6, 3, and 1 TPs for (respectively) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.
    • 12.5, 7.5, 3.75, and 1.25 TPs are awarded during the finals (i.e., a 1.25 x TP multiplier).
    • In the event of ties, players that have the same in-game score will divide the points evenly (as usual).
    • Example 1: If the final scores in a game played during rounds 1-6 are 51, 44, 44, 42, then player one will gain 10 TPs, players two & three will share (6+3)/2=4.5 TPs, while the loser gets a single TP.
    • Example 2: If the same game had been one of the final two rounds, the points handed out would be: 12.5, (7.5+3.75)/2=5.625, 5.625, and 1.25..
  • The winner of the tournament is the player with the highest accumulated TP score after all 8 rounds.
  • However, note that after the first 6 games, a player can only hope to change final position relative to the other players at the player’s own final table (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16).
    • Example: If a player on final table #2 has more TPs than a player at table #1 at the end of the tournament, he/she will still only be ranked as 5th at best.
  • Tie-breakers are (in order): 1) accumulated relative score, 2) number of 1stplaces, 3) results in games where the players in question played each other.


  • Only 4er games will be played
  • Boiteajeux games: Draft 9, tournament mode
  • Play-agricola games: Draft 9 EIK + WM + Fr – banned cards.


  • Applicable on only: Award 1 extra food at the start of round 5 for the player starting at position 4 in round 1.
  • IMPORTANT: Braggart is considered a banned card. It should not under any circumstances be drafted, nor played. On Boiteajeux, this means there might be a “dead card” in the draft.
  • If someone forgets and still plays Braggart, the bonus VP points gained in-game will be subtracted out for the purposes of the tournament.


  • All games are ideally to be played in real-time. However, for Boiteajeux games the players may agree on two different time slots in which to play.
  • To secure that the tournament runs smoothly, players are expected to communicate clearly with each other during a game, by talking on Discord and/or a similar voice channel.
  • It is the responsibility of the players to agree upon suitable times in which to play. This may be done, e.g., on the Agricola Norge or Agricola Nights facebook groups, or via other social media.
  • At the end of each game, the winner (or one of them, in case of a tie) reports back the score to the organizer of the tournament (Oddbjørn Nødland).

Good luck, have fun, and stay safe from COVID-19! 🙂

Date due for finishing initial stage: 1/5-2020

(Clay Worker / Day Laborer day)