Agricola Oslo Open 2023

4p international Agricola tournament in Oslo – September 22-24, 2023 – EIKWmFrG4567 draft 9

22-24 September there will be an international Agricola tournament in Oslo city centre. Anyone can register to participate in the tournament. All players will play 7 games in the tournament, with 2 games Friday night (from 17.00) , 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday (the tournament will be finished latest Sunday 16.00). The tournament will be using the original game and decks (not revised version) The format will be draft 9 with decks EIK+Wm+France +G4567 decks from, with some cards banned. In 2019, 24 participants of which one half from outside Norway, participated. We hope for more participants from outside Norway in 2020. Every Agricola enthusiast is very welcome!

The first edition of Agricola Oslo Open was held in 2019 and was won by Lumin Sperling. A report from the event can be read here.

To encourage players from outside Norway to travel to Oslo, the organizers may assist finding low-budget housing.

Tournament setup and rules



Several options are available. The final choice of location will be made when we know approximately how many participants there will be.

About us

The tournament is arranged by a group of Agricola enthusiasts who live in Oslo. We are part of the board game club Ares, who has hosted weekly board game nights in Oslo since 1983, as well as the group «Agricola Norway» that (together with Ares) arrange Agricola tournaments in Oslo several times each year. The players who are mainly responsible for hosting this particular tournament are Rune Halvorsen (runeho), BA Kildalen (donba32) and Bernt Ivar Nødland (Turambar), the names in parentheses are our usernames on Agricola websites and Boiteajeux.

Contact us

For logistics and organisation (accomodation, travel advice and general questions):

Turambar: Bernt Ivar Nødland (binoedland at

For tournament rules and setup:

runeho: Rune Halvorsen (

Travelling to Oslo

If you are flying to Oslo the closest airport is Oslo Airport Gardermoen, from which there is a 20 minute train ride to the city centre (two different options: NSB trains or airport express train, the latter is more expensive, but the former usually more crowded).


RoundTablePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
11Bjørn-André Kildalen 57Fred Førde (for Terje Skaaland) 21Otto Rendedal 39Adam Kjörk 47
12Adam Johansson 39Marius Nilsen 34Robert Turoczi 41Gergely Báthory 43
13Håkon Sannes Østerbø 36Anne Jahr 43Adam Nemeth 41Charlotte Levy 38
14Oscar Hjert 49Andras Hrg 33David Kristensen 44David Jameson 31
21Bjørn-André Kildalen 44Marius Nilsen 39Adam Nemeth 45David Jameson 49
22Adam Johansson 51Terje Skaaland 59David Kristensen 44Charlotte Levy 36
23Håkon Sannes Østerbø 45Andras Hrg 37Otto Rendedal 40Gergely Báthory 50
24Oscar Hjert 52Anne Jahr 36Robert Turoczi 55Adam Kjörk 43
31Bjørn-André Kildalen 52Adam Johansson 36Håkon Sannes Østerbø 36Oscar Hjert 43
32Terje Skaaland 43Marius Nilsen 37Anne Jahr 43Andras Hrg 40
33Otto Rendedal 50Robert Turoczi 48Adam Nemeth 37David Kristensen 40
34Adam Kjörk 47Gergely Báthory 45Charlotte Levy 37David Jameson 40
41Bjørn-André Kildalen 45Anne Jahr 30David Kristensen 44Gergely Báthory 59
42Adam Johansson 46Andras Hrg 42Adam Nemeth 42Adam Kjörk 48
43Håkon Sannes Østerbø 50Terje Skaaland 56Robert Turoczi 49David Jameson 49
44Oscar Hjert 40Marius Nilsen 42Otto Rendedal 38Charlotte Levy 40
51Bjørn-André Kildalen 40Andras Hrg 32Robert Turoczi 40Charlotte Levy 44
52Adam Johansson 48Mikkel Brekke (for Anne Jahr) 38Otto Rendedal 29David Jameson 41
53Håkon Sannes Østerbø 47Marius Nilsen 36David Kristensen 51Adam Kjörk 49
54Oscar Hjert 37Terje Skaaland 45Adam Nemeth 39Gergely Báthory 59
61Gergely Báthory 55Adam Kjörk 48Terje Skaaland 40Bjørn-André Kildalen 42
62Robert Turoczi 49Oscar Hjert 54Adam Johansson 58David Kristensen 44
63David Jameson 45Mikkel Brekke (for Anne Jahr) 36Charlotte Levy 38Otto Rendedal 44
64Håkon Sannes Østerbø 51Adam Nemeth 45Marius Nilsen 50Andras Hrg 47

Final table

PlayerGames1st (%)2nd (%)3rd (%)4th (%)TPARSRank
Gergely Báthory683.316.
Adam Kjörk633.350.
Bjørn-André Kildalen633.333.333.30.037.2523.253
Terje Skaaland (Fred Førde)650.
Adam Johansson633.333.333.30.039.514.755
Oscar Hjert616.766.70.016.735.011.256
Robert Turoczi616.750.
David Kristensen616.716.750.016.726.25-5.08
David Jameson633.316.733.316.734.5-1.59
Otto Rendedal616.716.733.333.325.5-7.513
Anne Jahr (Mikkel Brekke)633.30.016.750.024.25-25.011
Charlotte Levy616.716.733.333.323.25-16.012
Håkon Sannes Østerbø616.733.333.316.730.5-4.2510
Marius Nilsen616.716.70.066.721.5-20.2514
Adam Nemeth60.033.333.333.319.25-16.2515
Andras Hrg60.00.066.733.313.75-23.7516

Note: In this tournament, the tie-breaker for allocating players to the final tables was the highest relative score after round 4 (not round 5, as is common).