Agricola Oslo Open 2019

Final standings of Agricola Oslo Open 2019:

RankNameTournament pointsRelative score
1Lumin Sperling64.5044.0
2Bernt Ivar Nødland63.7567.0
3David Kristensen54.0034.5
4Bjørn Andre Kildalen49.2548.0
5Adam Kjörk58.5033.0
6Jesper Hansson49.2512.3
7Oddbjørn Nødland43.5032.3
8David Ståhle36.2526.3
9Rune Halvorsen42.5018.5
10Fred Førde42.5012.8
11Jonas Wenberg35.759.8
12Nicholas Schäfer28.25-4.8
13Mikkel Brekke37.5017.3
14Stavros Tzilis33.00-0.3
15Claes Lindman27.756.8
16David Jameson27.25-29.5
17Johannes Sæthre28.50-19.8
18Andreas Weibel28.50-29.8
19Charlotte Levy27.75-6.0
20Linda Therese Utstøl Nødland21.25-44.5
21Wolt Weterings25.50-24.3
22Grete Halvorsen13.75-67.8
23Erling Solberg9.25-83.5
xMargrete Gustavsen (repl. Anne Jahr)22.00-46.5

Note that after the first 6 games the players were allocated to groups of 4 players that competed for final positions 1-4, 5-8 etc.; accordingly tournament points are only comparable within these groups

This result table was updated 2019 10 20 after detection of an error in the calculations of relative scores in Game 6. Fortunately, this error did not affect the composition of tables in the final round.